Teddi Bear Swim School

Established 1980

Teddi Bear Swim School teaches swimming to children and adults ranging in age from 4 years and up. We specialize in the reluctant swimmer. 42 years of experience makes us experts when teaching children and adults to swim. Every child swims and learns to love the water. We are dedicated to developing your child into a confident and happy lifelong swimmer.

Our swim school is different than the traditional swim lesson programs. First, we maintain the water temperature of our pool at 87°-90°. The pool feels like bath water to your child. This is 8°-10° warmer than most recreation centers, and according to the United States Swim School Association, 90° is the optimum water temperature for teaching young kids to swim.

Second, our facilities, our back yard pool, gives your child that sense of security, a friendly home environment. And while your child waits their turn, they are free to roam and play within the security of a fenced in yard.

Third, we limit our group class size to a maximum of three students per instructor. There are always two instructors in the pool at a time. This ratio optimizes the individual attention your child receives while they develop their skills.

Teddi Bear Swim School operates a concentrated set of lessons which results in successful swimmers.  Similar to any acquired talent, learning to swim takes repetition and consistency. We recommend that you take at least two weeks of consecutive lessons for optimal results. Many of our swimmers swim with us three or more weeks while others come for just a one week refresher course. Our flexible schedule makes it possible for you to choose the weeks that fit into your summer.

Our secret? Experience. Plus the added fact, we get to know your children. Your child will have the same instructor each and every day, each and every week, and each and every year you attend. We are family owned, family run, family loved. We have had the same instructors for over 42 years. We come highly recommended.

“Teddi is changing worlds. While she may view herself as just a mother and swimming instructor, she is changing worlds by introducing young children to a cathartic shift in their relationship with their Futures! She is providing them with a breakthrough experience of overcoming an innate fear of survival (i.e. Surviving in a foreign atmosphere that could kill them without proper training), in favor of an empowered relationship not only with swimming, but by proxy an empowered relationship with overcoming perceived limitations that could preclude a healthy relationship with risk and growth in the service of personal empowerment. In doing this, she is setting people up early on in life to conquer their fears and by doing so, is a steward of Light for others…”

See you this summer,

– Teddi Homsher of Teddi Bear Swim School