Policies & Procedures


It is the mission of Teddi Bear Swim School and its instructors to teach individuals of all ages how to swim in a safe and loving environment. Combined, the instructors have more than 50 years of experience successfully instructing more than a thousand students of various ages and abilities on how to be pool safe while mastering a variety of swimming techniques.


  • $300 per week. $100 registration payment is due at time of sign ups. $200 balance is due on the first day of swimming. $300 for the next weeks lessons are due each Thursday.
  • No make-up lessons, sorry. Each class is designed to our full capacity so it is impossible and un-fair to add make-up students to classes at our full capacity. Please choose your weeks carefully.

Policies and Procedures:

  • No sunscreen please. Most sunscreens do not stay on your child’s skin. It washes off in the pool water, and is not effective. It floats on the surface of the water and gets in swimmer’s eyes. Please help us keep our water as clean as possible!
  • No goggles in the pool! If your child were to fall in the pool, they would not have on goggles. We teach them to swim with their eyes open and to look for safety. Our goal is to teach them how to be water safe.
  • Parents are not allowed behind the pool gate. There will be times when your child is having a hard time as we push them beyond their comfort zones. Please allow us to comfort your child but at the same time have them strive to learn more. For this reason, parents are not allowed behind the pool gate. Please do not call out to your child as their attention will then be divided.
  • Please use the Porta Potty provided in garage area 10 minutes before lessons! As soon as swimmers get in the water they have to “go.” Having to get out of the water shortens your swimming time. This also eliminates the excuse of reluctant swimmers who are looking for reasons to get out of the water. All swimmers must “try.”
  • The garage area can be used to change clothes before and after lessons. But please note, all swimmers need to use the Porta Potty in the garage before they are allowed into the pool. Try not to cause a swimmer to be late for lessons because they are waiting for your child to change their clothes. Some swimmers do run late so as a courtesy please wait 10 minutes to make sure all swimmers are in the pool before dressing in this area.
  • Want to continue swimming lessons? Please let us know by Wednesday, if you would like to sign up for another/additional week(s) of swimming lessons. We will do our best to add you to the following week’s classes.
  • 4 Year Olds – must be four by August 2023 and 41″ tall;  up to Adults