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Little One Lessons – Teaching the 2’s and 3’s

We will be trying a pilot program this year with the 2 & 3 year olds. Because little ones are not ready for our formalized small group lessons, we had decided to only teach 4 year olds and older....
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Why We Don’t Teach Children Younger Than 4

We have in the past taught 3 year olds and younger to swim. I love introducing the water to children at a young age. To be permitted to join our school they had to have been comfortable in the water...
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What Can I Do With My Child Until They Are Ready For Teddi Bear Swim School?

Three year olds are ready to learn how to enjoy the water. Your job as a parent is remarkably simple. Just play with them. Yep, that is all you need to do. Children need to know at an early age that...
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The Dangers Of Water Wings!!

Reasons to Not Put Your Child in Water Wings It is harder for children who have worn water wings to learn to swim These children are typically not comfortable putting their faces in the water. Water...
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