Little One Lessons – Teaching the 2’s and 3’s

Limited lessons available for the Little Ones summer, 2016 - June 6-10 & June 13 - 17

We will be trying a pilot program this year with the 2 & 3 year olds.

Because little ones are not ready for our formalized small group lessons, we had decided to only teach 4 year olds and older. But many of you have pools and are in need of lessons and water exposure. So I have decided this year to try a pilot program for the little ones.

These lessons will be one-on-one classes, 20 minutes only, so that your child will have a chance to explore the water and become comfortable. Lessons will include introduction to the water, play directed by them and their interests, and safety, as well as instruction for Mom and Dad to learn what to do in the pool with your child.

These Little Ones classes are not designed for the reluctant swimmer. Those that are timid are not ready to be taught by a stranger. If you have a timid/reluctant child, Moms or Dads will need to participate in class as well. The timid/reluctant swimmers will have mommy-me classes.

These Little One lessons will only be held between 10 – 2 the first two weeks of June, June 6 – 10 & June 13 -17, and limited hours the rest of the summer. To benefit from these lessons, it is best to sign up for two or more weeks. Because these classes will be held first hours each week, if you have an older child we will not be able to schedule back-to-back lessons. Sorry for this inconvenience.

If you are interested in Little One Lessons, please call me. Students will need to be Teddi approved. 714-267-4639


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