Why We Don’t Teach Children Younger Than 4

We have in the past taught 3 year olds and younger to swim. I love introducing the water to children at a young age. To be permitted to join our school they had to have been comfortable in the water already because 3’s have a mind of their own. If 3’s don’t want to swim, I can’t talk them into trying as well as I can talk a 4 year old into trying something he does not want to do.

I have decided after teaching many more 3’s this year that they are not ready for formal group lessons. They learn better in a play environment and having the freedom to try what they want, when they want with some gentle guidance on my part. This then requires one-on-one lessons which we don’t have the room for. I feel our time is better spent teaching four 4’s rather than one 3 year old.

Also if our swimmers cannot stand in our pool, which is usually the 3’s, they too require a different type of lesson. Therefore we have decided that all of our swimmers must be tall enough to stand in the pool so that we can teach the swimmers using the technique we have perfected for over 34 years. Our swimmers must be 41″ tall which brings the water right up to their chin while standing on their tippy toes. If they can stand and are very close to 4, we will admit them.

It was a hard decision, but we have decided that we must stick to the 4 year and 41″ rule. 4’s can learn to swim and become pool safe.

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